Business Consultancy

Intelligent Workflows

Organizational processes are key enablers in an organization. At EACC Ltd, we assist organizations develop new or review existing processes to create efficiencies and effectiveness. We achieve this by helping you develop lean SLAs, quick Turn Around Times and training staff.

We assist organizations set-up new or review existing processes to enhance efficiencies and improve Turn Around Times. We review SLA, processes, structures, roles to ensure seamless process flows that enhance customer experience and grow business.

Visible, sustained support from executive leadership
Clear communication within the organization
End-to-end perspective that takes into account the entire process
Strategy Transformation Management

EACCC helps clients improve performance through resource reallocation, integrated strategies and planning processes - that position them for success.

EACCC provides business and IT professionals ready to assist your organization in building world-class business processes and modernize enterprise systems.

EACCC assists businesses with the challenges in today’s rapidly changing business environment to help free up internal resources to focus on more strategic projects.



View our 2020 prospectus for an easy-to-read guide on all of the services we offer.

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