Contact Centre Setup and Management

Inbound and Outbound Call Center

We offer powerful, robust, flexible, and easy to use solution designed for automation and efficient management of call centers, allowing real-time collaboration and improving productivity between agents and supervisors. We offer call center solutions in Kenya, designed to manage inbound and outbound call campaigns.

Our solutions are flexible and cost-effective, includes all required components to the businesses in Nairobi that aim at establishing more effective communication with their customers and increasing customer satisfaction. The call center solutions can be effectively used to address wide range of functions and that includes

Effective management of the customer related issues
Providing proper support to technical and non-technical issues the customers facing
Performance and workforce management
Optimization of the work flow
Inbound Outbound Customer Exerience

An inbound call center specializes in answering all sorts of incoming business or support calls. Inbound call centers are  mostly customer service focused in this customers are calling a business or organisation for the answers. The  nature of call handled in inbound calls are sales inquiries, client support services etc. Customer requests may be related to a product, an order or a billing problem.

An Outbound call center enables call center agents to make outbound calls to customers. We help companies to connect with your customers with our complete range of outbound call center solutions. As a leading call center solution provider in Kenya we offer high-level of expertise and experienced outbound telephone call handling solutions.

Our call center solutions can extend multiple benefits once you have decided to implement it for your expanding business. With the best communication technology, your business can go beyond the expected level of productivity and profitability and with proper solutions, you can push customer engagement to gain the leading edge.



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